The Plan with Me Design Group

The Plan with Me Design Group is a cooperative group of planners. We create YouTube videos to share our planning styles. Once a week the members of the group link up to one another to share the other styles with their viewers. Here is an up to date list of all the participants and their channels:

1. Beth Graves:
2. (Liz)ThriftyFifty:
3. cori sharer:
4. Julie’s Jibber Jabber:
5. BeautifulYou:
6. Lisa Rose:
7. Tina H.:
8. Jodi Saladino:
9. Runwith Craftscissors:
10. TT.Scraps:
11. Robin Sadowsky:
12. AmandaK Crafts/Plans:
13. Gracieannespassions:
14. Donna Jackson:
15. Brenda Aller:
16. Happy Mail:
17. TheBeccajb:
18. Home With Tanya:
19. Robin’s Nest:
20. Brittania Nicole:
21. emiseverything:
22. Tracy Plans:
23. Creative Designs by Jessica:
24. Sandy Chapman:
25. Debby Eutsay:
26. Itsadatepaperco:
27. Gina Pearson:
28. CreativeChaos:
29. PlannerMama:
30. Simpli Shelli:
31. CreativelyChic:
32. Plan With Aimee:
33. KSpoppy Plans:
34. Jorganne Culver:
35. E.Michelle:
36 Vanessa AngelRose:
37.  BeautyandBrainsGirls:
38. Dreamy Cees:
39. sprngbrd*:
40. Teresa Branham:
42. Deb Houck:
43. N Does Crafts:
44. Planner Mom:
45. Seth Ball:
If you are interested in joining the group and having your channel listed in the links leave a comment below and an admin will get back with you shortly!
Happy Planning!

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